Data Acquisition from Scada Systems

For leading windmill power generators, we helped to capture and store power generation data and generate reports at any point in time without human intervention.


Objective: Automate remote application by connecting to the third-party desktop through any desk or team viewer by fetching the credentials from the database. Scrape the data from the application running on the remote desktop either via team viewer or any desk & also Scada web apps and generate consolidated reports.


Solution: The scraping of data from remote desktop was made by taking the screenshot of the data and used OCR to get data from the screenshots and for some remote desktop captured screenshots were converted to pdf and then data is extracted.


Benefits: Collecting data by human beings from remote systems and consolidating the data and generating an hourly report is an almost impossible task or even if t’s possible, a lot of workforces is required. Reduced human error while comparing the data from different remote desktop and would get accurate values of the dynamically changing data.